Wild Blue

Heather Lingle

There is a good story and a lot of heart in each song on Heather's new album, Wild Blue. Truly American roots music, this album encompasses heartache and conquest that reflect the rugged independence of the West. Good times and bad. Triumph always.

There is a song for everyone on this album, from the rockabilly tune "Aunt Marty's Cadillac" to the endearing love song "We Love Deep". The title track "Wild Blue" and "Misery is Over" are triumphant songs about surviving very hard years and escaping to a better life. Lose yourself in two deeply felt waltzes, "Meme's Story" (co-written by Lingle's 87-year-old grandmother) and "A Diamond for You" written by Heather for her mother after she barely survived the swine flu following weeks on life support. But, the tears don't come without laughter! "Crazy Feeling" written by Heather's husband, John Emeigh, is a hilarious take on a modern-day outlaw tune. Finally, for those who enjoy a somber Celtic-esque number, be sure to escape to a dark room for "Shaken Me". The upright double bass, played by Heather's step-dad, will draw chills up your spine. Dig in and turn it up! And, if you are so inclined, please write a review!

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