1. Crazy Feeling

From the recording Wild Blue


Crazy Feeling                                                                 
Well, I’m livin’ outdoors again; feelin’ cash poor again; sleepin’ in the back of my truck.
My ex-girlfriend says she’s got an extra bed and I can stay for a couple of bucks.
But, she’s a little bit funky, a pill-poppin’ junkie; and I can’t hang with that type.
Y’ see, I got a court order says I got to stay sober, but // she gets drunk every night!
But, I got a crazy feelin’ everything’s gonna work out fine.
I got a crazy feelin’ everything’s gonna be alright.
She’s got a brother down in Mexico, asked me if I want to go as long as I was willing to drive. 
But my license was suspended back when I rear-ended a cop when I was drunk and high. 
Y’ know it ain’t no vacation when you’re on probation, & you can’t even cross the state line. 
I got a court date on the fifth, it’ll be a tight fit but I // bet I’ll make it back on time!
The judge was disappointed ‘cause I missed my appointment,
So he sent me back to do some more time.  I got incarceration for a court violation,
But I still don’t know what was my crime.  I’m a hopeless optimistic, but let’s be realistic
Why does this always happen to me?  But, I met a guy in the cell block                                      
Says he’s got a sure-shot of // making money when we are free!
Chorus x 2