From the recording Wild Blue


A Diamond for You                                          
If I should find a diamond in the sand                                                                                                
I would shine that diamond so bright and give it to you.                                                                     
To take away all your pain and confusion and that grip around your soul.
Let it go, let it go, sweet Mama, just let it go.
If I should find a Dooney with a duck and a pocket outside,
All those tears and fears would roll right off of your back.
And, you’d stand up straight and smiling because love never fails.
Then you will know, you will know, sweet Mama, then you will know.
Mama, sweet Mama, I love you.  Don’t you know you’ve come so far?
Mama, sweet Mama, I need you.  Don’t you quit following that star.
‘Cause you will find who you are.  Yes, you will find who you are.
When joy finally comes your way, and the bad times disappear,
We’ll all hold hands and float down the river. 
Then we’ll get things back on track, and this house will be a home.
The wind will blow it will blow, sweet Mama, and the hard times will go.