1. Misery Is Over

From the recording Wild Blue


The Misery is Over        
With sadness in my heart I packed my things and left the place I love
To do what I thought was best, I threw in the towel when push came to shove.
He wanted so much more from me than I could give, and we called it love.
So, I had to put on a good show, but it never was enough.
But, the misery is over now.  How can it be I stayed so long?
Pretending he was the one who moved me like a love song?
Now I’m back in town, and I will not be kept down,
‘Cause the misery is over now.
With quiet oppression he held me down ‘til I could not breathe.
All the while proclaiming that he was the one who had set me free.
 “Free from what?”  I wanted to ask, but I held me peace.
Through the bars I watched as my life slowly slipped away from me.
Chorus x 2