Wild Blue - unreleased

Heather Lingle
Heather Lingle


Wild Blue, by Heather Lingle                                                          


Verse 1:

Time is hard when you don’t like

Where you are.

Loose these shackles from me, I’m gonna go

I’m gonna go far.


Verse 2:

Journey on, journey on little sister

Journey on.

If we brave the wind-chill,

they won’t find us over that hill.



So, pack up your dignity ‘cause I know that it’s past time for us to leave.



It was strange and new when we made it to the wild blue yonder

Not gonna let you down this time around in the wild blue yonder.

Our dreams have all come true ‘cause we made it // to the wild blue.          


Verse 3:

Time is hard when you’re scared of

Where you are.

The city is no place for me, I gotta go.

Yeah I gotta go far.



Chorus  x 2          

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